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Graphic Designers

The music industry is as much about appearances as it is about music.  When a shopper is staring at racks and racks of albums in a CD shop wondering what they should buy next, it’s only normal for them to pick up the one with the sweetest looking cover.

The same thing goes for gig posters and ads in street press mags.  It’s not unusual to see posters for 4 or 5 shows plastered up next to each other on a wall somewhere, or have 10 ads for shows on a single page of Drum Media.  A graphic designer is the difference between getting noticed or getting over looked.

When working with a graphic designer always remember that you are in control and it is your vision that they are helping to create.  By all means listen to their input but at the end of the day you’re in charge.  Get the designer to show you some samples of their previous work and make sure their graphic style fits in with your music style.  Be sure to get a fixed price for what ever work you’re asking them to do so you don’t end up with a unexpected debt.