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Gig Photographers

Getting gigs when you are first starting out can be one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of being in a band.  Venues will be reluctant to book you on the strength of a demo CD because unfortunately they’re more interested in how many people you’ll get through the door than your music.  Stage prescence is a huge part of playing live and a good gig photographer can help you to capture that prescence for your website or myspace page.

Taking good photos in a music venue isn’t easy.  It’s dark, people are moving around everywhere and to make it look good you need to have a fair bit of talent and the camera equipment to back it up with.  Make sure your photographer comes along to more than one of your gigs.  You’ll want them to know your live show to make sure they capture all the key parts in their photos. It also looks better to have multiple stages in your photos to show people looking to book you that you’ve had more than one gig.  Try also getting some photos showing your crowd, it’s easier for the pub or club to justify picking you for a gig if they know they’re going to sell more beers.